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Poetry Weekend on John Keats – 16th to 18th November – fully booked

A weekend led by Elizabeth Cook.

The poetry of John Keats

John Keats (1795-1821) described life as a ‘Vale of Soul-making’. His own life was marked by loss and difficulty. He gave up an early career in medicine in favour of poetry, finding in it a potential for healing at least as great as that offered by medicine. The development of his poetry is astonishing, almost as if he anticipated his early death, and his final volume published in 1820 includes some of the greatest poems in the language, including ‘To Autumn’, ‘Hyperion’ and ‘The Eve of St Agnes’. During this weekend we shall be looking in particular at the great odes and narrative poems whilst making some reference to Keats’ letters (which were the subject of an earlier weekend at Hilfield).

The suggested donation for the weekend is £130 which includes meals and accommodation. We are willing to accept less if this figure is not possible for you. Please contact Suzi who will be happy to help you with your booking in confidence.  We ask people to Gift Aid their donation wherever possible.

We do not make a charge for guests to stay with us but any donation towards our life and ministry is gratefully received. Our ministry includes our work with the poor and marginalised in our country, as well as promoting Franciscan values of justice, peace and integrity of creation. We estimate that it costs £40 to host a guest per day but all your contributions enable our work to go on. Thank you for all your support and encouragement in many ways, however much you are able to give it is important to us that you come and share in our community life.



16 November @ 6:00 pm


18 November @ 2:00 pm

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