Interactive Map of Hilfield's Land Compartments



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Moth Sightings in 2018

Please click here to view PDF of Moth sightings in 2018 at Hilfield Friary

Hilfield's Seasonal Trails

We are pleased to present our new series of seasonal trails around the Friary.  Please use them, either ‘virtually’ from home, or for real at the Friary.  We hope you enjoy them.  It is a new development for us, and if you have any feedback, please send it to

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We would like to thank Sam Woodhouse very much for all the hard and amazing work she has put in to create these trails and also the Hilfield Updates!!!

Conservation Partners

High Stoy Conservation Cluster

One of the most exciting upshots from our purchase of the new land is how it connects neighbours with similar conservation interests, like the missing piece of a jigsaw. This has stimulated us to get together and form the ‘High Stoy Conservation Cluster’. Here neighbours offer encouragement, advice and practical support to one another as well developing a landscape scale approach to conservation.

Nest Boxes

One of the partners has kindly donated some tit boxes which have been put up around the Friary and a neighbouring farm. A couple have already been used this year.

The Friary are currently building a series of nest boxes, one for each partner. So far we have made a barn owl box and a kestrel box which will be put up on our neighbours land to help wildlife and celebrate our new partnership.

A Rocha UK


A Rocha UK is a Christian charity working for the protection and restoration of the natural world.  Visit their website:

The Friary is the first community in the UK to be given an Eco Church Gold Award in recognition of the integrated ecology we are seeking to put into practice at Hilfield. This includes our prayer and worship, the growing and sourcing of our food, the energy we use (predominantly biomass and solar), the use of transport (electric car, bicycles and public transport), the care and conservation of habitat and species of wildlife, our concern for social justice and our education programme.

Church is an A Rocha UK project to encourage churches and other Christian groups to ‘go green’ and demonstrate that they care for God’s earth. We hope that our Gold Award will spur others on!