2020 Programme

The glory of God

A few events are yet to be finalised and details will be available as soon as possible

The Hilfield Community is very pleased to offer the 2020 Programme.  It is a wonderful multi-splendored list of events!  We are working more and more collaboratively as a community, and there are three seasonal weekends that are being offered by the community as a whole, with members taking responsibility for different parts.  Community has many different meanings, but surely one of them is that we are greater than the sum of our parts.  When we share the interests and skills we have, suddenly each of us experiences a little more what it means to be fully alive.  In all of the programme offerings you are invited to explore something more about what it means to live in the world today.  Every person—every aspect of creation, truth be told—has a word, a gift to offer the world to share in its healing. Join us in this proclamation as you experience healing too.  As St. Irenaeus reminds us, the glory of God is the human person fully alive. Come and share in this glory.


Please contact the Guest Co-ordinator for further information: Telephone 01300 341741 or Email: hilfieldssf@franciscans.org.uk

  • To register an interest for a course please fill in an online form; you will find links to these in the information about courses below.
  • Guest Co-ordinator will then send you a course booking form for you to complete and return.
  • Once your booking form has been received the Guest Co-ordinator will let you know that your place on the course is confirmed.
  • To avoid disappointment please note that until we have received your booking form and Suzi has emailed/written to confirm your place is not confirmed.
  • Places can only be held for up to one week without a booking form.

At the foot of this page you can view and download the complete 2020 Programme.



Weekend and weekday courses and retreats are residential in individual rooms and sharing the rhythm of the life of the Friary Community. There are no fixed charges, but for each event we suggest an appropriate donation to cover the cost of your visit.

Please confirm with the guest co-ordinator BEFORE using this form

You can view and download the complete 2020 Programme below.