Hilfield Friary Community member Kerri Canepa to be licensed as a Lay Minister at Salisbury Cathedral

After three years of study, Hilfield community member, Kerri Canepa, has successfully completed her lay ministry course! The service where she will be commissioned and licensed with take place on Saturday 30 September at Salisbury Cathedral during Choral Evensong, beginning at 5:30 pm. She would appreciate very much your prayers as she prepares to be commissioned as a Licensed Lay Minister. Please come and support her; all are welcome!KerriCopt

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Professor Northcott speaking at Hilfield Friary

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Hilfield Friary supporting toybox.org.uk

a charity dedicated to the plight of children

With the generous donations of our Hilfield shop patrons we managed to raise £69.71 for the charity,we are so proud to be able to assist a charity that is dedicated to helping the most vunerable of our society with the grace of God behind them at every step.

If you would like to donate please click the button below.

Young People Exploring Ecology and Spirituality

Hilfield Friary welcomes young people from schools, colleges and youth organizations for day visits or residential stays, to share in the life and the work of the Friary Community and to experience how ecology and religious faith are interconnected.

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Opportunities for Young People

  • Friary tours – sharing about living the Franciscan life today
  • Learning to live simply and sustainably
  • Nature trails, plant and wildlife surveys; discovering how plants and animals help each other
  • Days in the wild, finding material for sustaining life; ‘hedgerow harvest’
  • Developing and maintaining a school garden
  • Respecting and learning from animals
  • What we do with waste – how rubbish isn’t rubbish
  • An introduction to St Francis of Assisi and his insights of the natural world
  • The miracle of bread – the relationships of food

For Students at key stage 3 and above

Hilfield offers the chance to reflect on the impact of religion and belief on an understanding of our relationship with the natural world. It gives opportunity for students to learn that concern for the environment involves issues of spirituality as well as science, technology, economics, social justice and politics – an exploration of an ‘integral ecology’ that draws upon the Franciscan tradition. Community members with experience in both the theory and practice of wise and sustainable ecology are available to provide input for students and material for discussion.

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  • Facilities Conference room for 40
  • Rooms for smaller groups
  • Overnight accommodation for up to 13

For Teachers and Youth Leaders

  • A place to meet for planning and discussion
  • A place to chill out – for rest, retreat or recreation.


There is no charge for day visits by young people, though donations are always welcome! For overnight accommodation our normal request for those under 18 is £20 per day full board. There is a Bursary Fund available to help cover the cost of this and transport to and from the Friary.