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Young and Contemplative 3-7th April

About Young and Contemplative…

Sometimes it seems like our lives are worked out in the nexus of

conflicting aspects of ourselves. Sometimes the head pulls one way, and

the heart another. How can we reconcile head and heart, earth and

heaven, the human and divine, reason and rhyme? Perhaps the rhythm of

the friary offers a way…

From group members

’…is a group who come together for mutual support, shared searching and

challenge. Our common practices of contemplation include Christian

meditation and Taize prayer, though we each come from different

perspectives.’ (Hannah)

‘…seeks to extend roots down into contemplative Christianity in order to

steadily grow towards open, compassionate and reflective engagement

with the contemporary world. We seek to be a place where friendship,

dialogue and inspiration flourish across boundaries.’ (Pat)

‘…is a diverse group of young people each walking their own spiritual

p i l g r i m a g e . I t o f f e r s a h a v e n t o s h a r e s t o r i e s a n d

encouragement.’ (Hiranya)

‘…is inspired by the practice of silent, waiting prayer. As a group we seek

to understand God by opening ourselves to the silent presence who works

with each of us.’ (Phil)

‘…is a group of young people who are in some way all searching for

something, and share silence and different forms of spiritual practice in

this search.’ (Katie)

This year’s retreat:

truth, integrity, reality

can contemplation help us be real in a world of fake news?


Please click here for a brochure on this course.


3 April @ 6:00 pm


7 April @ 1:00 pm


Hilfield Friary
Dorset,dt2 7beUnited Kingdom


01300 341345


Hilfield Friary
01300 341345

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