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Where Eagles Dare – Saturday 26th May

A look at how Christian hope, grounded in Scripture, can underpin ecology and the need for collective practical action on the planet.

These are truly challenging days for the planet. From climate change to species extinction and from population growth to loss of critical habitat – we are facing an uphill battle for the planet. Yet in the midst of uncertainty and struggle we are confounded by hope. Across the UK Christians are beginning to wake up to the need to act. Hilfield is one of many examples of practical action-where people power (together with some sound theology) is helping to shape a different future.

This event reminds us not only of the challenges we face; but critically it explains some of the real reasons to hope. With a combination of practical examples and a Biblical underpinning, Andy will take us on a journey which should leave us better informed, better equipped and most importantly ready to take action!


26 May


10:00 am - 4:00 pm

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