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Understanding Islam – ‘There is no compulsion in religion’ – Monday 25th to Friday 29th June

Led by Dr Chris Hewer

Our lives have changed significantly in recent decades through sharing our society with around three million British Muslims. But how much do we actually know about Islam as it shapes and guides their lives? If we care about people, we express that by getting to know and trying to understand what is precious to them – with faith being at the core of it all. As people of Christian faith, do we not have a duty to be open to listening to the prompting of the Holy Spirit in another faithful community worshipping God alongside us?

Dr Chris Hewer leads this four-day course at Hilfield, taking us through the history, theology and practical living out of Islam in the world today. While remaining firmly grounded in the Christian faith, Chris teaches a sympathetic and profound understanding which can help us to live peacefully in our multi-cultural society as we come to accept and appreciate the wealth of our different faiths.

The course begins on Monday afternoon and runs until lunchtime on the Friday. This intense study week with sessions in the morning, afternoon and evening is fully embedded in the rhythm of prayer life of Hilfield Friary.

This course is particularly suited to those who are working with Muslims in a faith context, e.g. university, school and hospital and prison chaplains. It is designed to equip you with understanding that can help you build bridges in your diverse communities.

Dr Chris Hewer (www.chrishewer.org) comes from a background in Christian theology, Islamic Studies, and interfaith relationships with a special focus on Christian-Muslim relations.

He has been working in this field in different capacities since 1986. Teaching study days and residential courses and consultation are key elements of his current work.


25 June @ 6:00 pm


29 June @ 2:00 pm

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