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Seeking Refuge – Friday 12th to Sunday 14th October

Issues around immigration have been put to the fore ever since the Brexit campaign and vote stirring up emotions. We have been given mixed messages leaving us often confused: “They” are coming from developing countries – but what is actually the difference between an asylum seeker, a refugee and a migrant? All of them are seeking refuge – but which one is (only) legitimate, which legal? Confusion then serves as a hotbed for fear and prejudice: “All they want is our money and social security.” “They will take away my job, my livelihood.”  “Their strange culture will undermine our way of life.” Both the government and we as individuals have to respond to the worldwide migration. Therefore, we need to understand how our asylum system works – including its practice of detention and deportation. But even more so we need to ask ourselves how we respond out of our Christian faith. As the Franciscan spirituality values hospitality as sacred we want to explore how we can live this in our current situation in our everyday lives. The Rev’d Jonathan Herbert and Br Hugh will give you insight into the political and the spiritual aspect of “Seeking Refuge”.


12 October @ 6:00 pm


14 October @ 2:00 pm

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