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Craft Novemberlr

A Time and a Season for everything: Craft at the Friary – Wednesday 7th to Sunday 11th November

Autumn has come and with it the opportunity to enjoy our lovely Craft Room with a warm cup of tea! Let us be creative as nature shows us its colourful beauty once more. We invite you to absorb the special atmosphere of Hilfield in autumn and turn it into a source of inspiration for your own creativity. God’s imaginative creativity in nature is meant to nourish our own creative gifts – a true sign that we are made in the image of God. Sharing our gifts, we will soon build a community where we both learn, encourage and value each other.

Suzi Herbert’s enthusiasm for anything crafty will inspire and motivate you as you spend these days together creating and laughing!


7 November @ 6:00 pm


11 November @ 2:00 pm

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